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A welcoming home to us is a light in the window, and bread in the oven. It is our dream to bring that sense of comfort and joy that fresh baked goods can bring from our home to yours.


Laughing Oak prides itself on it's quality bread and sweets, all created in small batches in our newly renovated kitchen. We have the perfect treat for everything; from special events to weeknight dinners and Sunday brunch. We're constantly working to improve our recipes and menu, and offer seasonal specials throughout the year that are sure to please.


Thank you for allowing us to grace your table, we hope you enjoy every bite!

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Love Baked in

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Erin Stilgoe



Grand Opening Coming Soon!



We're hoping to be officially open to the public by Thanksgiving!


We're putting the finishing touches on our new setup, and hope we'll be up soon!

Keep an eye on our Facebook page for the latest!